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Contact point for the Node-RED and IIoT community

To enable the use of Node-RED in the industry, it needs stable IoT protocols, ready for the industry. PLUS for Node-RED wants to provide a better open source development, long-term maintenance, detailed tutorials, documentation and other business services.

We want to support you in your needs for Node-RED IoT protocol contribution packages and assist your technicians with powerful low-code engineering templates, examples and proven IoT protocol solutions via Node-RED and other Node-RED platforms!

For the fastest start with Node-RED in industrial environments, buildings or the energy market, we want to be your professional single point of contact including 3rd parties packages. Even if a problem is a bit more difficult we will gladly help.

Access our experience of more than eight years of contributing to Node-RED packages for industrial IoT and look at our explained ratings of popular 3rd party contribution packages.

Be involved in the decision of which contribution packages and tools will bring you another step forward!

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Learn about our B2B community

PLUS for Node-RED is the contact point for the community and partners to build an even closer-knit community with more options and higher-quality content.

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Bianco Royal

We provide you with specialized and profound technical support as well as impulses for your product innovations. Depending on your needs, we can advise you and your development team or develop individual innovations for your company and your products. In addition, we connect companies and promote cooperation. In this way, potentials are bundled and a higher added value can be achieved.

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FlowFuse brings enterprise features to your Node-RED and allows your engineers to deliver custom applications in mass-deployments, that can grow to meet your changing requirements via Low-Code and No-Code integrations.

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Iniationware has been active in open source projects for Node-RED contributions since 2016 and is the founder of this P4NR B2B Community here.

P4NR stands for "PLUS for Node-RED" and it includes B2B support for all contribution packages and tools of Node-RED. LTS is the main focus for the B2B Community and every business can invest for more in stability and security via P4NR.

PLUS for Node-RED Pricing

We take care about Node-RED contribution packages.

Contributors Edition

Non-commercial or Open Source

  • OPC UA Contributors Edition
  • Modbus Contributors Edition

Starter Edition

Newcomers & Individuals

Proprietary License
  • OPC UA Starter Edition
  • Modbus Starter Edition
  • BACnet Starter Edition

Business Edition

SME (4x5 Support)

Proprietary License and Support
  • OPC UA Business Edition
  • Modbus Business Edition
  • BACnet Business Edition
  • IEC 104 Business Edition
  • DNP3 Business Edition
  • Upcoming Business Edition Packages

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise (9x5 Support)

Individual Proprietary License and Support
  • OPC UA Business Edition
  • Modbus Business Edition
  • BACnet Business Edition
  • IEC 104 Business Edition
  • DNP3 Business Edition
  • Upcoming Business Edition Packages

Meet Our Team

Team Member 1

Klaus Landsdorf

Managing Partner - CEO

Klaus Landsdorf received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Digital Media (2016) and completed his Master of Science in Computer Science and Digital Media part-time in 2021.

Team Member 2

Joel Krec

Trainee at Iniationware

Hello, my name is Joel Krec and since September 2021 I have been completing my training as an IT specialist for application development.

Team Member 3

Kay Grewe

Trainee at Iniationware

I'm Kay Grewe, and I've been immersed in the world of IT, focusing on application development since September 2023. Committed to honing my skills and staying at the forefront of technology, I'm enthusiastic about the opportunities for growth and learning in this dynamic field.

Team Member 4

Kamron Khakimov

Trainee at Iniationware

I'm Kamron Khakimov, currently in the midst of my IT journey specializing in application development since September 2023. Passionate about crafting innovative solutions, I'm eagerly learning and growing within the dynamic realm of IT.

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